T a m a r a    S i l v e r a 

"Tamara Silvera's strong and supple voice is the perfect delivery system for this collection of dark and moody songs leavened with crisp pop overtones and rich production. It was worth the wait!"
Bruce Cockburn

" A rich collection of songs! "Misery" will be on everyone's iPod!"
George Merrill - "Boy Meets Girl" 

"God, such a lovely voice.  Warm and expressive, and such wonderful songs!  What a treat."

"DEPARTURES is a clean creative compression of musical confidence as evidenced by Tamara's songwriting and vocal diversity.  Luminous diamonds in a sonic  backdrop of addictive guitars, spare but effective arrangements and intriguing aural atmosphere with a delightful retro flourish running through that channels Carole King, the Beatles and a bit of Motown.   A sweet achievement!" 
Shannon Rubicam - "Boy Meets Girl"

"On my best day I'll never come close to writing songs like this.  Tamara is frighteningly close to explaining the human heart."
Owen Critchley - "The Army of O.N."

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